Climate Action Program

Defeat climate change and invent new technologies to sell to the world.

We will place a small tax on all greenhouse gas emissions. The revenue that is collected from this program will then be returned to the state from which it was taken and re-invested in the form of local grants towards green technologies.

This program will allow a market-based solution to lower emissions, while utilising the tax revenue to develop new products and techniques that Australia can sell to the increasingly climate-focused world.

A consumption threshold would be set so as not to unfairly hurt low income earners. This threshold would have to be reached before the tax is applied to power bills.

We would ensure that the grants generated by this program are available to all sectors and at all levels of business.

Working towards green innovation now, will allow Australia to have a disproportionately large impact on climate change globally. Much more so than reducing our emissions alone.


Space Industry Support

Grow space industry funding to 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

By Investing in the space industry we will position ourselves prominently on the global stage in a thriving sector that will continue to grow throughout the next century. With a return of $4-7 for every $1 allocated, this truly is an investment for our economy and our country.

This will create high-quality jobs for scientists and engineers as well as manufacturing and service occupations. While inspiring our children by providing fulfilling career options and opportunities, reversing the ‘brain drain’ of talented and trained Australians moving overseas.

The 1% of GDP funding plays a significant role in making Australia as efficient as we can in the space sector. The knowledge of assured funding lets our most brilliant minds work on exploring the universe rather than trying to lobby politicians.

The only pathway for the agency to increase their funding beyond the 1% GDP would be to increase the Australian economy through enhanced discovery, innovation and knowledge, ensuring we are gaining maximum benefit from this investment.

The agency would be directed through a new charter to focus primarily on what is too risky or unprofitable for private industry. This is to fulfil it’s role of always working on the forefront of new technologies and ideas.

Budget Guidelines

80% of the space budget would be decided by an independent council within the agency. Because of the scale and time frame of typical agency projects, it's important that they can act on long-term visions without having to worry about the forever changing political directions.

The remaining 20% of the budget would then be directed by the government to meet their current vision and requirements.


Medical Breakthroughs

$100 billion reward to cure cancer and other devastating diseases.

Our society is smart, wealthy and kind. We can decide that we are no longer willing to just endure the suffering of the curse that is cancer, but defeat it once and for all.

With funding allocated over a period of ten years, this initiative would be in addition to the current treatment and research support provided. This policy is about improving community outcomes by realigning research incentives.

1 in 2 Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Cancer costs the Australian economy $4.5 billion a year just in direct medical costs.

Between 2006 and 2011, $1.77 billion in funding was provided for cancer research in Australia.

The reward-based system is modelled on the early aviation prizes, where a task was set out and a prize offered to encourage people and businesses to advance the field.

This system means the money is only awarded on success. It allows solutions to emerge from unexpected or non-traditional sources because the outcome is the only measure of success. This is more effective than traditional methods where funding is allocated to researchers who may or may not find the answer.

Competitive circumstances result in more money being invested collectively by participants attempting the challenge, than the prize total itself. 1,2

By seeking international partners to join with us and add to the reward pool, the program’s appeal would increase and encourage more researches and people with private capital to pursue the challenge.

We would consult with professionals to define a realistic goal, for example, curing 95% of cancers. We don’t want to let a few hard to beat cancers dissuade people from attempting the rest.

To ensure collaboration, 20% of the reward would go towards groups who’s research enabled the cure. This is to encourage people to share their data and research, not hoard it.

A condition of the reward is that all the information about how the cure works is placed into the public domain. Identifiable patient data would of course be exempt.

If there is a concern about the money leaving the country, we would suggest that an additional 20% on top of the reward be offered, if the cure was discovered in Australia. A provision of this being that at least 80% of the research was conducted here.

Upon implementation, the funds would be given to and underwritten by the Reserve Bank of Australia. We cannot allow a short-sighted politician to divert the reward elsewhere, destroying Australia's reputation and undermining the surety that is needed for these large long-term investments.

I hope this will be a template moving forward as humanity decides it wants cures, not just treatments. We can harness the power of talented individuals and capital, putting many devastating diseases and medical conditions into the history books.


Invigorate Government

Fight corruption and raise the standard of operations.

Federal Anti-corruption Body (ICAC)

Constant scandals involving politicians and their donors show that there is a dire need for us to review the measures currently in place. We need to ensure that we can hold them accountable and investigate their misuse of tax dollars. It is important that this body has the tools and the mandate to complete this task and is not just a toothless tiger. We will consult with experts to ensure this anti-corruption body is efficient and effective.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

FOI’s are a well used and well-trusted tool to help expose and explore government actions that are often hidden away from the public. In recent years many government agencies have been working against giving out information and find increasingly poor excuses as to why this is the case. In the best interests of the Australian public, reform is needed to ensure that the default option is transparency.

Tax Avoidance

You work hard and pay your taxes, but some people think that does not apply to them or their businesses.

Whether it be a loophole to move money overseas or outright tax fraud, we need to act to ensure they do not continue to steal from us. We must fix the loopholes and criminally charge anyone already breaking the law. A special focus will be given to the offshoring of profits and underreporting, in addition to refining the tax system so that it is easier to understand.